Ayala Consulting

Examples of 2013-2019 projects


Systematisation and evaluation of the program “Semilleros Científicos” – Foundation Bogota Energy Group. Colombia, 2014 – 2015.


South Tarawa Water Supply Project – Social safeguards review and program design for WASH strategy as part of the Project Design Advance 2019-2020.

South Tarawa Sanitation Improvement Sector Project – Consulting Services for Project Management and Implementation, Community Engagement and Capacity Development Activities and Policy development for a Sanitation Management Fund and Tariff schedule. Asian Development Bank, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and Government of Kiribati, 2015 – 2018 (active).

Environmental and social impact assessment, stakeholder engagement plan, grievance mechanism and human rights assessment – New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), European Union and Government of Kiribati. Kiritimati Island, Kiribati, Energy Services Project, 2014 - 2015.


Social Safeguards Policy – Development of safeguards policy for the Department of Works, supported by DoW Safeguards Manual and comprehensive set of social safeguards tools for implementation across all projects

Working group on expanding opportunities for women-owned businesses in supply and distribution networks, demand and needs assessment – International Finance Corporation. Papua New Guinea, 2015.


Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment of Mineral Sector in LAO PDR, Measures in LAO PDR. Ministry of Energy and Mines and World Bank. JV with Golder Associates, 2016 (active).


Tourism Management Plans (6 areas) Building resilience to climate change in the tourism industry – Supporting Government of Samoa and UNDP. Samoa, 2014 – 2015.

Enhanced Road Access Project – Consulting services for surveys and investigations, design and documentation of the Central Cross lsland Road Upgrading (CCIR), 2016 (active).


Electrification of Tonga, customer value and quality impact assessment – Tonga Power Limited, New Zealand MFAT. Tonga Village Network Upgrade Project Stage 2 & 3 (2015 – 2018) across five different districts and 33 villages, 2015 – 2018 (active).

Tonga Nuku'alofa Distribution Network Upgrade Project – Due diligence assessment, Asian Development Bank, 2016 (active).


Gender and energy scoping study, qualitative and quantitative assessments of gender and energy dimensions and a gender action plan (two consultancy projects) – World Bank, Tuvalu, 2014 - 2015.


Social cross-cutting input to the environmental and social impact assessment and cultural mapping for a proposed geothermal plant  – Geodynamics Geothermal Mining Company – joint project with SLR and SMEC in Takara, Vanuatu, 2014 – 2015.